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Flitwick Lockdown
Car,Bus and Motorcycle Show

Sunday 20th August 2023

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Flitwick Lockdown car show

Born in 2020 the Flitwick Lockdown car show took over the council run Flitwick classic car show.

Due to the pandemic the council took the decision to no longer put on the Flitwick classic car show at the Rufus center.

I had already built a car for the show and due to this decided to put the car outside my house on  the advertised date.

I floated the idea online and got a good response. From then the idea grew.

I found shops, businesses and areas around the town willing to let me put out vehicles.

The response was amazing.

The first show being spread out was perfect for the pandemic and so many people hit the streets finding all the vehicles.

The council then realising that the new format worked well asked to carry on the show using the lockdown show.

2021 saw the show return with a free vintage bus service to get around the areas, more areas in use and the intruduction of car and motorcycle of the show voted by the public, unfortunately it also saw the rain.

2022 saw more range of vehicles and the sun which made for a great day with 4 trophies given out to winners,

2023 will, see more areas, food outlets, craft and displays and trade stalls.


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